Ametis Institute (AI) is one of Indonesian fastest growing knowledge-to-business institution, established in 2013 that has been contributing to one of Indonesian energy business activities and policies. Adhering to make clean energy potential available to use to Indonesian homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations at a greener way and conserving non-renewable hydrocarbon energy.

We give high standard of creating innovations and providing real solutions that matter to people of Indonesia. AI understands the value of human energy concept; therefore, a team of highly educated and experienced scientists, engineers and economist in energy industry, nationwide and worldwide commit to bring the renewable energy values to Indonesia. The effort started in 2013 in Galunggung, West Java Geothermal collaborated with Kinan International.

We recognize the national potential energy and we need to develop its renewable energy in every potential form. That is why our team commits to work with high responsibility to develop the renewable energy in Indonesia.